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Welcome To Thembanathi

Thembanathi Services was established and founded in June 2015 by its Director and Owner Cynthia Nobuhle Ngcobo, whose dream and vision are to better her life and a dream to one day own a big security company. With the only matric and against all odds she realized her path and vision when she embarked on a life-improving journey and ambition to better her life and for those around her. She had the vision to be one of the few females if not the only black female that will own a big, well-managed security company in an environment that is rough and dominated by males.

In order to realize her dream she shared it with Mr. Ntokozo Gwala who was an employee in one of the sites where she was employed as a security guard by MI7 Security Intelligence and on sharing her dream, Mr. Gwala with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) saw the passion and ambition in her and agreed without hesitation to go with her on this journey of self-actualization.

Security, Health and Safety, are high on every company’s priorities today. Ensuring your peace of mind in all South African homes and businesses, Thembanathi Security Safety and Cleaning Services is one company you can trust with your assets. The rapid growth of the Company in public confidence in a short space of time is attributed to the provision of 100% reliable and professional Security Services to Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Construction, and Private Homes.

Thembanathi Security Safety and Cleaning Services is proud to provide a vital service to the community and businesses at large of which we are an integral part.

Our members of Thembanathi Security Services have together worked in the Security field for more than 15 years. We are equipped with knowledge in all Sectors of the Security Industry and hard-worn experience to anticipate and cope with any situation of a Security nature. Our management team ensures that attention to detail has not been lost through the Company’s expansion.


Staff are managed and motivated in a professional manner and where possible, individuals are developed to meet their full potential. A strong emphasis is placed on promoting from within the group and most vacancies are filled in this manner.

Uniforms, very much a part of group advertising (Image), are adapted to the client’s wishes. Suffice to say that the distinctive colors with eye-catching accessories, young, fresh, and unique logo add to the professional image and will please most clients. Our best advertisement, we believe is for our Clients and staff.

At Thembanathi Security Services we substantiate not only our proficiency at providing substantial service levels, but our client/service provider relationship in which we excel. A supreme level of professionalism, experience and integrity are some of many attributes that set our management apart. Our team is always motivated to listen and respond to all our Security Service needs.


To become the leading security, cleaning, and Safety black African female-owned Company in South Africa. We seek to be a trusted and respected business partner by our clients.


To provide Customer-Centric Services that seek to establish and maintain fruitful and stable relationships which accelerate customer peace of mind.

Why Choose Us


Mutual trust between our clients and team members is established during the early stages of a business relationship.  We strongly believe that respect will enable both parties to forge a strong bond and open dialogue to work toward a mutually beneficial result.



Most clients hire our business services sincerely because they recognize our face due to participating more in networking than advertising.


Socializing together with our team members creates better function when it comes time to meet company goals.


Our mental commitment is focusing on solutions, not problems. This allows us to make no space in our minds for thoughts about lack or negativity.


Passion has always been our fuel that ignites our desire to work hard. We realized that a business cannot succeed without passionate, focused, or hardworking people.


What We Offer

We Provide All Kind Of Business Services

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